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we are community builders.

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ABOKI Capital Partners is a dynamic, new, Colorado-based investment and development company focused on positively impacting underserved communities.

Beyond Ordinary

We build state-of-the-art, modern marketplaces that are culturally relevant and diversity conscious. We believe in doing things differently—sustainably, thoughtfully, creatively, and with way more than the bottom line in mind. We have grand ambitions and are guided by mighty beliefs.

Relationships with Local Non-profits

Giving back is not an add-on or an afterthought for us. Building effective relationships with local non-profits that know the community and are actively addressing pertinent challenges is at the core of what we do. Non-profit organizations bring an important sense of community to our investments. As active partners, their input begins at the development stage and continues in our ongoing efforts to integrate our properties into the community.

Place-based Strategies

ABOKI invests in communities by bringing together multiple stakeholders to address social conditions. We work with local governments, businesses, and third-sector parties to establish common principles that guide the planning and development of meaningful projects.  

Building Opportunity

Modern marketplaces and food hall concepts are relatively new to the United States and are in a rapid-expansion phase due the benefits they offer stakeholders.

They are modern versions of the ancient central market, emphasizing community involvement by mixing entertainment, culture, art, sports, and cuisine—a perfect fit for growing, world-class cities.

of Millennials will order something different every time they visit the same restaurant
of Millennials prefer communal tables when dining out
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Positively impacting underserved communities

The ABOKI Capital Partners principal developers and cofounders have participated in the creation of various Colorado projects that positively transformed neighborhoods by turning underutilized and abandoned buildings into authentic community gathering places.

Each project introduced a new kind of marketplace to the Metro-Denver region and helped establish gold standards of community building that are recognized throughout the United States. New in-state projects expand out of the Metro-Denver area into Aurora, Golden, and Westminster. Out-of-state markets include Minneapolis, Minnesota and Phoenix, Arizona.

Our Manifesto

There is no point in making a profit if you are not also making a difference. Every day is an opportunity to put goodness into the world. Positivity is contagious and kindness is a virtue. Honor and embrace the land we temporarily occupy. Leave each place better than we found it.  

We achieve our goals by helping people across neighborhoods, generations, and ethnicities connect by taking down fences and building bridges—figuratively and literally. We design the best marketplaces in North America with communities’ needs and interests in mind.

Meet Our Team


Gaddi Layden

Gaddi Layden is a trilingual, passionate professional with 15 years of progressive responsibility in client-relationship management, investment analysis, alternative investments, strategic partnerships, and leadership.


Mark Shaker

Former social worker Mark Shaker has founded several nonprofit organizations. He now directs his energy toward creating neighborhood-based gathering places that positively influence their surrounding communities.


Chris Haugen

Chris Haugen has over 25 years of professional construction experience. His passion is in building and developing captivating communities, particularly in the built environment.

Our Mission in Action

Our Investment Strategy

Sources of Income and Performance

Land Cost
Lease and Sales
Opportunity Zone

Our team takes pride in the relationships we've built with different cities and government entities. Because of these relationships, we are able to help those institutions accomplish their stated goals, such as the development of community spaces and job creation. In exchange, we obtain land and property at attractive valuations—allowing ABOKI to create higher return opportunities than if land were purchased at market value.

We lease commercial real estate spaces within our marketplaces. The lease payments generated each month are used to support our cashflow needs. In addition, we purchased additional land within our marketplace space and that allow us to have extra lots for sale.

Every marketplace / food-hall is utilized for events. Whether is a dedicated space or the entire place is used. This allows us to generate additional income. In addition, the event spaces as well as the bars are usually owned by the management company.

We charge a 4% fee to manage the properties. We have mastered the management concept within our properties and this makes it more attractive for exit strategies in the case a party is solely interested in the real estate piece to ensure the marketplace continues to be successful.

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